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Criminal (Misdemeanor & Felony)

Administrative Orders - Criminal - Misdemeanor & Felony

S-2023-048 No Contact Orders 
S-2023-046  Mental Health Criminal Division M 
S-2023-039  Grand Jury
S-2023-031  Rescission of Administrative Order S-2020-021
S-2023-013  Misdemeanor Probation Services
S-2022-011  Pretrial Global Positioning System (“GPS”) House Arrest 
S-2021-055  County Criminal Division 
S-2021-044  Circuit Criminal Division 
S-2021-025 Uniform Bail Bond Schedule 
S-2020-009 Drug Court Division
S-2020-007  Criminal Division O - Preliminary Proceedings    
S-2018-047  Bond Matters
S-2018-018  Release of Certain Pretrial Detainees Upon Hurricane Warning
S-2016-032 Veterans Treatment Court
S-2016-019 Alternative Sanctioning Program 
S-2013-014  Mandatory Costs, Assessments, Surcharges and Fines 
S-2012-051 Indigent Status Determination and Assessment of Public Defender Application Fee
S-2010-012 Blanket Discovery
S-2006-156 Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision Cases
S-2004-042 Restitution Disbursement in Misdemeanor Cases
S-2002-068 Temporary Release of Inmates from the Hillsborough County Jail Facilities to the Custody of Law Enforcement Officers for Investigative Purposes
S-2001-031 Extended Limits of Confinement; Alternative to Incarceration Programs
S-1999-093 Extraordinary Pretrial Release Procedures to Relieve Jail Overcrowding
S-1999-092 Fee Structure for Felony Probationers
S-1998-145 Confiscation, Seizure, Forfeiture, and Disposition of Perishable Saltwater Products and Game and Freshwater Fish
S-1990-020 Establishing Income Deduction Order Form and Form Setting Out Rights, Remedies and Duties with Regard to Imposition of Income Deduction Order