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Hearing Officers

Quasi-judicial officers conduct formal court hearings to assist in the caseload of a division. Specific authorization for the duties are outlined in Administrative Orders. The hearing officers serve under the direction of the administrative judge of the respective divisions.  


Hearing Officers

Room #



Unified Family Court
(Child Support)

Charles Denton


Dianelys Tamayo

(813) 272-5458

Lila Stello


Brenda Parrish

(813) 272-5267

Arabella Campbell 480 Daniel Aponte (813) 272-0241

Sabrina Frey


Zachariah Fontenot

(813) 272-5176

Civil Infractions

Joseph Frank

419 Pierce St Rm.100

Betsy Chesser

(813) 272-5297

* Please view the Hearing Officer Division Referral Assignment Table for Unified Family Court / Domestic Relations / Family Law Cases by clicking this Link.  For Unified Family Court/Family Law forms click here.