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Court Operations

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S-2020-048  Risk Protection Orders (Effective January 1, 2021)
S-2020-044  Continuity of Court Operations & Judicial Proceedings during COVID-19 Mitigation Efforts - Transitioning from Phase 1 to Phase 2
A-2020-043 Acting County Court Judges & Acting Circuit Court Judges 
(Effective January 1, 2021) 
A-2020-040  2021 Duty Judge Schedule 

Health & Safety Requirements in Courthouse Facilities during COVID-19 Mitigation Efforts

S-2020-037  Pro Bono Service
S-2020-029  Face Coverings & Social Distancing Requirements in Courthouse Facilities During COVID-19 Mitigation Efforts 
A-2020-027 Hillsborough County Canvassing Board Appointments 
S-2020-024  Registry of Court-Appointed Counsel 
Professionalism Committee
A-2019-055 Judicial Assignments
A-2019-051   Judicial Assignments   
S-2019-043 East Division
S-2019-037  Attorney's Fees in Extraordinary & Unusual Cases  
A-2019-027  Acting County Court Judges & Acting Circuit Court Judges 
A-2019-026  2020 Duty Judge Schedule            
Notice of Change of Contact Information
S-2019-003 Professionalism Committee 
Problem-Solving Courts Oversight Committee
Release of Certain Pretrial Detainees Upon Hurricane Warning
S-2018-016 Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures for Complaints against Judges
S-2017-002  Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Good Friday Designated as Court Holidays 
S-2016-024 Jury Management 
S-2014-011 Official Court Files 
S-2014-006 Unsealing Sealed Trial Court Records for Purposes of Appellate Court Records Preparation & Conversion to Electronic Format
A-2013-006 Standing Recusal Orders & Standing Recusal Administrative Orders
S-2012-032 Certified Process Servers
S-2012-031 Delivery of Proposed Orders
S-2008-139 Destruction of Sealed Civil Court Records and Exhibits
S-2008-110 Computerized Selection of Jury Venires
S-2007-038 Photographing, Recording or Broadcasting in Courthouse Facilities
S-2006-146 Clerk's Administrative File
S-2006-066  Judicial Annual Leave 
S-2005-186 Courthouse Security
S-2005-128 Court Reporting Plan
S-2004-054 Clerk's Partial Payment Program For Fees, Service Charges, Costs and Fines
S-2003-052 Delegation of Contract Authority to Court Administrator
S-2000-071 Provision of Interpreters by the Court Interpreter Center
S-1998-124 Adoption of New Indexing System for Administrative Orders
S-1998-105 Establishment of Bench/Bar Committee
S-1998-072 Judicial Employees
S-1992-200-i Use of Courthouse Facilities
S-1988-091 Communicable Diseases