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General Magistrates & Hearing Officers

General Magistrates and Hearing Officers are quasi-judicial officers who conduct formal court hearings to assist in the caseload of specified divisions within the circuit. The general magistrates and hearing officers serve under the direction of the administrative or associate administrative judge of the respective divisions. Specific authorization of their duties is outlined by Administrative Order.

Senior Judges

Senior Judges are retired judges who are eligible to serve on assignment to temporary judicial duty within the Florida Court System. Senior Judges are approved for recall to serve by order of the Florida Supreme Court. Senior Judges are vested with all of the judicial powers conferred by the Constitution and laws of the State of Florida. Senior Judge coverage is utilized for vacancies, lengthy trials, and educational, professional or personal absence of the presiding judicial officer. 



Circuit Court Reporting

Court Reporting is the process of capturing the verbatim record of the spoken word in legal proceedings where the service is mandated by due process. Court Reporting is a mission critical day-to-day function of court operations. In civil court proceedings and cases, the parties are responsible for the hiring of their own private court reporter.


Court Interpreter Center

Court Interpreters interpret orally the spoken word in English to the party’s non-English or native language during court events. Court interpreting services are critical to the operation of the courts. The court’s staff interpreters provide Spanish interpreting services. Freelance contractual interpreters offer interpreter services in more than 20 languages and dialects, including sign language for the deaf and hearing impaired to ensure access to the courts.