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  1. Zoom.  Any hearings scheduled via Zoom will conducted at the following link:  – Meeting ID: 287 023 4831

  3. Arraignments.  Division D will conduct arraignment dockets on Tuesdays at 1:30 p.m. via Zoom.  For private attorney cases, please file your notice of appearance and plea of not guilty, if applicable. 

  5. Scheduling hearings.  If you would like to add a hearing to the bi-weekly motion docket, please observe the following procedures:    
    1. Please file and serve the motion before the close of business two days prior to the requested motion date.
    2. Once the motion is filed and served, please email Beth Schatzberg at and tell her what motion you would like to add and copy opposing counsel.  

  7. Changes of Plea.  Any changes of plea requiring the defendant to go into custody need to be conducted In Person.

  9. Motions for Early Termination/Modification of Probation -   Please fill out the form requesting termination/modification of probation and submit it to the clerk’s office as well as a copy to the Judge’s office.  No hearing time is given until the motion has been reviewed by the Department of Corrections & the State Attorney’s Office. The motions will be reviewed in chambers with the Probation Officer being notified of the ruling.

  11. Questions.  If you have any questions relating to Division D procedures, please email Beth Schatzberg at