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Where are Truancy Court hearings conducted?

Truancy hearings take place at 401 N. Jefferson St. North Annex 4th Floor, Court Room 41. 

How frequently are Truancy Court hearings conducted?

After the initial Arraignment, Status Conferences are typically held bi-monthly to see whether or not the youth and parent have complied with the court order.  Hearings can take place more or less frequently, as required by the Judge. 

As a parent, am I required to attend all Truancy Court hearings?

Parents of minor children are required to attend Truancy hearings.  However, the Judge may waive their presence, based on compliance with the court’s orders. 

How long does the Court have jurisdiction in Truancy cases?

The Court shall maintain jurisdiction over Truancy matters until the youth satisfactorily complies with all requirements of the court order or until the youth reaches the age of 16, both of which result in the Judge signing an order closing the Truancy case.

What does it mean for the Judge to order my child into shelter?

If your child is sheltered due to Truancy issues, they may be required to reside in an alternate living arrangement for up to 30 days.  Prior to leaving the court hearing, you will receive verbal and written instruction outlining your role in the shelter process.  You will be expected to cooperate with the facility’s screening and admission requirements and participate in family counseling or other necessary services.   During the period of shelter, your child will be required to attend school daily and participate in counseling and case management services as deemed appropriate by the court.