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2011 Employee Recognition Ceremony Winners

Teamwork Award

The recipients of this award are a team that combines a diversity of ability to think and act as one to achieve real productivity and a higher purpose beyond the capability of any one person.



Presented to: Juvenile Diversionary Program Team

Image of JDP

Court Administrator Mike Bridenback, Maggie Pines, Regina Downum, Pam Stokes, Tammy DeCroix, Wagner Pena, Kristin Stoycheff-Schillig, Tonya Gallimore & Chief Judge Manuel Menendez. Not pictured: Alice Flowers, Troy Lovell, Monica Martinez, Olga Rocha, Irene Rodriguez & Christine Stern.

Despite adversity, most notably the untimely loss of a long term colleague, Valerie Parmer, JDP continues to move forward in a positive direction to serve the courts, the community and our youth. JDP staff have always relied on each other to fill in when needed, cover one another’s work when necessary and go above and beyond what might neatly fit into their job descriptions. JDP staff have shown tremendous flexibility with their day to day duties and have proven time and again to have the ability to adapt when necessary and work with community stakeholders effectively to have the best diversionary program around.

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