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2011 Employee Recognition Ceremony Winner

Synergy Award

The recipient of this award works with another organization, yet has combined efforts with the Administrative Office of the Courts to create synergy and efficiency of operations, offering seamless integration of service and displaying a positive commitment to the judiciary and staff.



Presented to: Simone Fallon
Multimedia Specialist
Fallon Creative, LLC subcontractor of Morph Productions, Inc.

Court Administrator Mike Bridenback, Simone Fallon & Chief Judge Manuel Menendez

Simone was instrumental in the web design which makes accessing information much easier for the public. While her creative strengths are evident to those she works with, she also brings strong organizational skills to the courts. This year the focus of the website was on ADA compliance which was an arduous task with over 650 forms requiring a minimum of 2-3 hours of work. She created a video using software to assist the multimedia team which was used as a resource as it was a step by step guide. She continues to be a primary contact for judiciary and staff; because of her expertise she adds value to the content, understanding who we are as the courts and who are trying to reach – our target audience.