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Education & Training Form (ETF)
Administrative Office of the Courts Education & Training Participant
13th Judicial Circuit Court


Complete this form and submit to the Court Education & Development Consultant, at Administrative Office of the Courts, 800 E. Twiggs Street, Tampa, Florida 33609 prior to the scheduled training.

All trainings and continuing educational courses must be reviewed and accepted through this office. In effort to meet the needs each employee please submit this form within 15 days of the scheduled training for appropriate review time.

Enter date
Enter name
contact information for person needing accomadation
enter email address for person needing accomadation
enter telephone number for person needing accomadation
Enter the department for which you work.

Enter type of course or training your wanting to receive
enter reason for taking this course/ training
enter organization that will fund this selected course
Enter dates when training will be held