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2014 Employee Recognition Ceremony Winner


The recipients of this award are a team of any size that combines a diversity of ability to think and act as one to acheive real productivity and a higher purpose beyond the capability of any one person.


Presented to: Court Personnel Resources



2011 Employee Recognition Ceremony Winner

Helping Hand/Partners in the Workplace

The recipient of the award can always be counted on to give his or her best in the interest of professionalism and getting the job done right, works well with everyone, offers diverse talents and cannot turn down the opportunity to be of assistance no matter how many commitments are needed.




Presented to:

Yvonne Romero
Personnel Technician
Court Personnel Resources

Yvonne Romero & Chief Judge Manuel Menendez

Yvonne comes to the top of the list when it comes to responsiveness and customer service, as she always greets people with a smile and a great attitude. Yvonne is approachable and pleasant and always willing to help. Her ability to expedite requests for service and maintain high quality of work has earned her the title, “Yvonne “Speedy Gonzalez” Romero.