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What are the costs of printing and copying services at the Court Business Services?

Printing and Copying

.10 each

Color Copies

1.35 each



Audio Transcripts  15.00 per CD 


What are the costs of audio and visual equipment rental?
For detail information about on equipment rental prices please click here.

*If requestor does not initiate the call, then connector fees are $3.00 per minute for the Teleconferencing.

Note: All rates for audio/visual equipment rental are cost per day, excluding 7% tax.

What is the Court Business Center/Copy Center (CBC)?

·        Outsource for Printing Services

·        Improve efficiency and productivity

·        Eliminate redundancy and waste

·        Offset costs as court receive access to latest print technology without expense of

         purchasing and maintaining equipment
·        Open to the public—Attorneys and Litigants


Who operates the daily services at the CBC?

Under state contract, Presidio subcontracts to Xerox Services who provides personnel to run the Court Business Center. The equipment is maintained and supported by Xerox personnel.

What services does CBC provide?

1.      Printing/Copying Services

·        All copy jobs, large and small

·        Documents include

·        Newsletters

·        Reports

·        Carbonless (NCR) forms

·        Color Copying

·        Tape Duplication

·        Scanning to CD and DVD

·        CBC staff also maintains 25 convenience

         copiers located in the courthouse and
         court house annex

·        CBC  maintains supply inventory for
         courthouse print devices

2.      Audio/Visual Rental

(CBC coordinates distribution of equipment in the Courthouse and Courthouse Annex.)

·        Items available for rental:

·        TV/VCRs

·        Overheads

·        Slide Projectors

·        Video Cameras for Event Documentation


3.      Presentation Services

·        Working with Court Technology the CBC

         provides a variety of Presentation services

·        Computer Presentations

4.      Telephonic Hearings

·        Saves time and saves travel expenses


Where is the CBC located?

The CBC is located on the 6th Floor Window of the George Edgecomb Courthouse (Room 630).

May I send my request for services to the CBC electronically?

Yes, please e-mail your request to