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2014 Employee Recognition Ceremony Winner

Employee Choice

The recipient of this award was choosen by the AOC staff, and was a previous recipient of the Standing Ovation Award.


Presented to: David Nickels
Court Communication & Technology Services


david nickels



The recipient of this award works for another organization, yet has combined efforts with the Administrative Office of the Courts to create synergy and efficiency of operations, offering seamless integration of service and displaying a positive commitment to the judiciary and staff.


Presented to: Erica Ellis




2011 Employee Recognition Ceremony Winner

Employee of the Year

The recipient of this award consistently exceeds expectations in all work efforts and exemplifies the quality of our visions and values statement.


Presented to: Roberto Flores
Information Systems Analyst
Court Communication & Technology Services


Court Administrator Mike Bridenback, Roberto Flores & Chief Judge Manuel Menendez 



The name Roberto evokes phrases throughout the courthouse: “Is Roberto here?”, “Where’s Roberto”, “Send Roberto.” All of these have now become part of the AOC daily vernacular, whether heard from staff, judicial assistants or judges after encountering a technological issue with a  work device or request for a solution to a technology problem. This does not occur by happenstance; it’s the individual or employee who makes this happen through the course of carrying out his/her daily duties and responsibilities, and then some. Roberto is one of those staff members who makes it happen. Roberto’s cult like following can be clearly attributed to his commitment, dedication and loyalty to each and every level of this organization. He knows his differentiating customer base, listens to all and goes above and beyond to provide the best service possible, coming back to them with a solution or tip when one least expects it.


2010 Employee Recognition Ceremony Winners


Employee of the Year Award

The recipient of this award consistently exceeds expectations in all work efforts and exemplifies the quality of our vision and values statement.

Presented to: Carrie Yoakum
User Support Analyst
                    Court Communications and Technology Services

Our department has over $4.5 million operating budget, which requires a great deal of communication and follow up with vendors. During the last year, we worked hard to reorganize and prioritize expenditures, which has made this team player shine all the more. Her organizational skills and dedication are unquestionable as she is always there with the right piece of paper in hand or can track down the invoice that is needed. She is persistent but pleasant as she ensures that parts or equipment are received. She is the proverbial “tracker” because she knows the expected date of delivery. Year after year, Carrie demonstrates that she is deserving of this award, but this year, she has certainly dealt with the challenges with expertise and grace.


Teamwork Award

The recipients of this award are a team that combines a diversity of ability to think and act as one to achieve real productivity and a higher purpose beyond the capability of any one person.

Presented to: JAWS Team

Steve Bellan, Michael Causey, Patricia Drake, Tonya Grimes, Jean Guerdy, Michelle Kingry, Mike Lawless, Lindsey Hughey, Julie Roberts, Jayson Schemenauer, Janell Snell, Ken Taylor



Court Administrator Mike Bridenback, Ken Taylor, Julie Roberts, Tonya Grimes, Jayson Schemenauer, Michael Causey & Chief Judge Manuel Menendez 

Faced with a challenge of creating a scheduler within a very short period time, this team began gathering business requirements from users in both civil and family divisions in December last year. While they were working in design sessions for database and screen layout, they were also meeting with the clerk to integrate the new scheduling system with Banner. The developers began writing code to support the scheduling function, which was posted to a staged function and tested for functionality. The team sought additional user assistance for inputting future dockets into the system. Internal users - judges and JAs - were added and began training on how to use the new system. And in technical terms, the developers “pushed the code to production.”  The next step was to create an external user registration process for over 4,500 users. This included education of the Help Desk so they could assist with calls from internal and external users.  Additionally, a training manual was developed and the website was incorporated.



The remarkable feat about this challenge is that JAWS was accomplished in less than 4 months…as it went live on April 1st this year…and because the court owns the software, it will yield cost savings for years to come, as well as providing the potential of being shared with other circuits.