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All non-evidentiary hearings will be conducted via Zoom.  If the parties would like to conduct an evidentiary hearing via Zoom, they can do so but all parties must agree and the defendant must sign a waiver of physical presence in court form.  If you are participating via Zoom, the meeting information is posted for you below. If you have further questions, please email Thank you for your cooperation.



All arraignments will be conducted via Zoom.  Attorneys, if you have filed the initial pleadings prior to the arraignment date, you and your client Do Not need to appear for the Zoom arraignment. You will receive notice of the next court date. Remember, that  if your client changes their address, they MUST update the Clerk with the new address within 48 hours of the change.


Division B Procedure for Out of Custody Pleas


Attorney must follow all directions and file all pleadings listed in the link below. Once all of the pleadings are filed, then a notice of hearing can be filed for one of the court dates listed below. If all of the pleadings are not filed before the court date then the case will be stricken from the docket.




Attorneys, Accused citizens, Witnesses and other interested parties, must conduct yourselves as if you were in court. Appropriate attire must be worn. No one is permitted to be lying down, sleeping, driving, exercising, eating, smoking, or doing anything else that YOU WOULD NOT be permitted to do if YOU were in the courtroom.


Available Out of Custody Plea Dates:


Monday, July 26, 2021 (10:00 am)

Tuesday, July 27, 2021 (10:00 am)

Monday, August 9, 2021 (Defendants with the last name beginning with A-L are to be set at 9:00 am.  Defendants with the last name beginning with M-Z should be set at 10:30 am)


Tuesday, August 10, 2021 (Defendants with the last name beginning with A-L are to be set at 9:00 am.  Defendants with the last name beginning with M-Z should be set at 10:30 am)

Friday, August 27, 2021 (Defendants with the last name beginning with A-L are to be set at 8:30am.  Defendants with the last name beginning with M-Z should be set at 10am)




Attorneys MUST make sure that their clients have reviewed ALL paragraphs of the plea form and that they are prepared for the Court’s Plea Colloquy. 


The below link has the procedures for in and out of custody pleas and PTI forms for Circuit Criminal.


Fingerprinting for Felony Division B Cases:

Accused Citizens who are NOT represented by the Public Defender’s Office can make an appointment to be fingerprinted in Court by Division B Bailiffs on Felony Division B cases. Fingerprinting will be conducted in Courtroom 33 on the Wednesday immediately preceding the Pre-Trial Conference date; the Friday after the Pre-Trial Conference date and the Monday before the Jury Trial date.  YOU MUST make an appointment to be fingerprinted by Division B Bailiffs by emailing a minimum of 24 hours prior to the date. You will be given a date and time slot for fingerprinting. All parties entering courtroom 33 must be fully vaccinated or wear a mask. You must be on time for the fingerprinting appointment. If you are late to the appointment you will not be fingerprinted.

Until further notice, ALL cases with names beginning with the letters A through L are being heard at 8:30am.ALL cases with names beginning with the letters M through Z are being heard at 10:00am.Jury Trial dates will ALL remain at 8:30am for all defendants. Please note that Co-defendant cases will be handled on a case by case basis.       


 To Join Zoom Meeting by mobile or desktop app, click Join and enter the information below.




Meeting ID: 994 7981 4509


Dial by your location

+1 786 635 1003 US (Miami)



When joining into the call, please provide your case number in the same box where you type your first and last name.   SEE EXAMPLE BELOW





  1. All evidence, orders, judgments and other documents you wish to use or have entered into evidence at a hearing must be submitted via E-filing at least 4 business days prior to the date of your scheduled hearing.  Notice and copies should also be emailed to opposing counsel and to the Court.  
  2. Each exhibit is to be pre-marked as an Exhibit in a separate pdf file; with separate and sequential page numbering for each page of the document within that file.  For example:  State Exhibit 1:  Bank records of Tom Smith pages 1A-1JJ;  Defense Exhibit 4:  Photos of Ford Escort (4A-4G).  [Each exhibit will be one pdf file, but the pages will be numbered/lettered & labeled separately.]  
  3. Photos must be taken of physical evidence, in lieu of using the actual physical evidence.  It may be helpful to use a ruler or other measuring device in the photo of the evidence to preserve issues relating to size and dimension.  
  4. Each side is to provide an index or table containing the names/ description of the proposed exhibits to be considered; and should specifically include whether the evidence is agreed upon/stipulated to and blank areas for the Court to indicated whether it has been admitted or not during the hearing.  (See example below :)
  5. Any legal objections to exhibits offered shall be specifically set forth in writing and submitted to the Court at least 3 business days before the hearing.  
  6. At the hearing the Court will print out the Index provided by the party and note which of the exhibits were successfully moved into evidence, and will remit that form to the Clerk to preserve the record. All documents pre-filed will remain in the file and will not be excluded from the public file merely because the document was not actually moved into the record evidence.  
  7. Be sure include the case number on each document filed.

Witnesses (via ZOOM)

  1. The Court will swear witnesses at the beginning of the remote hearing using audio-video communication technology. A Notary is not required to be with the witness as long as the witness is located in Florida and can be positively identified by the presiding Judge. If a witness is not located within the State of Florida, a witness may consent to being put under oath via audio-video communication technology by the presiding Judge. (See Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order No. AOSC20-16 and AOSC20-23 Amendments 1-5).  
  2. All witnesses will need to be prepared to show proof of their identification prior to being sworn in over Zoom. Witnesses should use a valid photo I.D. such as a driver’s license or passport.  
  3. Witnesses must be provided with the proposed documents/exhibits that said witness will need for testifying at the hearing, at least 2 business days before the hearing.  This advance window allows the attorney/party/witness an opportunity to resolve any issues with the opening/viewing or use of the exhibits before the hearing time.  
  4. Witnesses must be alone in a quiet room during testimony, may not use a virtual background, and must refrain from using all other electronic devices during the zoom hearing.  Witnesses will be asked be required to show/scan the room in which they are located prior to testimony.

Prior to the Zoom hearing, counsel SHALL notify and prepare the witness regarding all of these requirements.