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  • Dress and look like you are going to court. No hats please.  
  • Do your best to have a stable internet connection.  Ask others in your house or office to avoid large data use (game streaming; video streaming; etc.) while on a videoconference call.  
  • Use your full real name. Avoid using nicknames or the device’s default name setting.  
  • Be as still as possible while speaking and waiting to speak.  
  • Do your best to have a solid or non-distracting background.  
  • Have the camera face you straight on. Avoid leaning in or away from camera.  
  • Be aware of your microphone and audio set up.  Mute your microphone unless you are speaking.  (Wireless earbuds are less distracting than large headphones and exclude outside noise. Wired earbuds can be distracting and the built-in microphone often rubs on your clothes.)  
  • Speak slowly and clearly.  Avoid speaking over others.  
  • Avoid typing, eating or drinking during the conference.  
  • Do your best to ensure privacy during the conference; everyone understands children, pets, and other members of the household might wander in.