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2011 Employee Recognition Ceremony Winner 



Most Valuable Player

The recipient of this award is always involved in making things happen, can never stay on the sidelines and must make a difference by choice.

Presented to: Connie Santiago
Administrative Assistant III, Court Facilities

Court Administrator Mike Bridenback, Connie Santiago & Chief Judge Manuel Menendez




Connie was the backbone of the Facilities Department in 2011, handling her duties, as well as many of the Director’s duties while he was focused on the construction of the new Plant City Courthouse.  In addition to her current workload, she assisted with access cards, facilities coordination, signage and parking. Most importantly she coordinated the purchasing for the Plant City Courthouse project.  She has interacted with Hillsborough County procurement and  real estate departments, as well as AOC departments and  contractors. These additional duties required arriving early, staying late and some weekend work. Connie does all this with a wonderful attitude and a positive spirit, which provided a bright light in a very busy year. 

2010 Employee Recognition Ceremony Winner

Helping Hand/Partners in the Workplace Award

The recipient of this award can always be counted on to give his or her best in the interest of professionalism and getting the job done right, works well with everyone, offers diverse talents and cannot turn down the opportunity to be of assistance no matter how many commitments are needed.

Presented to: Dee Davis
                        Customer Service Agent
                        Court Facilities

I would like to nominate Dee Davis for the Partners in the Workplace Helping Hand Award.  While my encounters with Dee over the years may sometimes be brief (due to the nature of the services she provides and the fact that she is always on the go heading to her next stop), those encounters have always been responsive and professional while exhibiting exceptional customer service skills.


While I could say many positives things about the years of service Dee has provided, Dee’s level of dedication in 2010 in ensuring mail pickup and mail delivery is timely has been of great help to this office.   We often need to timely respond to requests received via postal mail and interoffice mail and while the ministerial task of actually delivering the mail may strike some as trivial, the service Dee provides is invaluable. 


Above all, Dee truly does demonstrate exceptional customer service skills topped off with a pleasant demeanor and a smile on her face.  Sticking with the “Royal Affair” theme, Dee is one of the many “in the trenches” AOC employees whose job function does not necessarily allow her to be in the limelight, but Dee certainly deserves to be a “star” in this year’s Royal Affair.  Therefore, I reiterate my nomination for Dee Davis to receive the Partners in the Workplace Helping Hand Award.  Thank you for your consideration.