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Where is access for the general public to the Main Courthouse in downtown Tampa?
800 E. Twiggs Street Entrance to the George Edgecomb Courthouse serves as the entrance to the courthouse for both the George Edgecomb Courthouse and the Courthouse Annex.

I have questions regarding the accommodations I am requesting. Who may I contact?
You may contact the Administrative Office of the Courts ADA Coordinator by letter, telephone or e-mail. 

Administrative Office of the Courts
Attention: ADA Coordinator
800 E. Twiggs Street
Tampa, FL 33602

Phone: 813-272-7040
Hearing Impaired: 1-800-955-8771
Voice impaired: 1-800-955-8770

What services can the Court's ADA Coordinator obtain for persons with disabilities who need to access a court service or program?

  1. Witness and juror accommodations for persons in wheelchairs;
  2. Assistive listening devices;
  3. Sign language interpreters;
  4. Oral interpreters;
  5. Providing materials in large print, Braille, diskette, or audio tapes;
  6. Reader services;
  7. Real-time transcription services (under special conditions)

What services is the Court not required to provide under the ADA?

  1. Transportation to and from the courthouse;
  2. Legal counsel or advice;
  3. Personal devices such as wheelchairs;
  4. Personal services such as medical or attendant care;
  5. A modification of a service, policy or an auxiliary aid that would result in a fundamental alteration in the nature of the program or service, or would result in an undue burden.

What Courtrooms have ADA accommodations?

  • All of the courtrooms are ADA accessible
  • Certain accommodations may require a specific courtroom
    (i.e., acoustics, ramp locations)

Do I need to go to a specific entrance with a wheel chair?

  • The Edgecomb Building main entrance is designated for the public (Only one main entrance is designated for the public.)
  • The address for the main entrance is 800 E. Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602

Where do I go for wheelchair access and courthouse navigation?

  • After court house entrance, the main floor Edgecomb Bldg. elevators are directly to the right of the security screening area.
  • Further directions to your location can be obtained at the Information Help Desk

Are wheelchairs available in the Court house?

  • Ask security for the use of a wheelchair while in the courthouse; they will require you leave a driver’s license as a “deposit” which you may pick up when you return the wheelchair.

Where are the metered spots, how far away is the city garage?

  • *Arrive early (at or before 7:15 A.M. these spots fill quickly. (Handicap parking is free for the first 4hrs in any meter space within a one block vicinity of the courthouse complex.)
  • There is parking in the city garage lot (1/2 block away).

Where else are ADA accommodations in regards to parking?

  • If walking presents challenges for a client and they possess a disability parking permit… street-level- parking is possible (first come/first serve).

Who do you contact for ADA accommodations for jury excusal?

  1. Please complete the Jury Summons stating the reason for excusal
  2. Juror Signature is required
  3. Form can be sent via mail Jury Services

George Edgecomb Courthouse
800 E. Twiggs St., 2nd floor
Tampa, FL 33602

Who do I contact to request court documents with ADA accommodations?

  • Please contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court at 813-272-8100 ext. 7041.
  • Request to speak with Carole Priede, the clerk representative for ADA records requests.

Who do I contact if an employee has a records request which entails ADA accommodations?

  • Please contact the court ADA Coordinator at 813-272-7040 or

Who do I contact to postpone a hearing?

  • This office does not possess the authority to postpone hearings; this is stated in the Federal guidelines.
  • The Clerk of the Circuit Court may better direct the request of postponing a hearing.
  • Any individual has the right to seek legal advice and counsel on their own accord.

Who do I contact to reschedule Mediation?

  • Please contact Mediation directly at 813-272-5642 to handle a request in that department.

How do I request a telephonic hearing?

  • Please contact the assigned attorney or office directly.
  • Please complete the applicable legal forms to make this request this in writing to the Judge.
  • Please see the forms page on the 13th Judicial Court website for further instructions.
  • The Judge is the authority which determines the right to a telephonic hearing.

Who do I contact for transportation accommodations?

  • HART PLUS 813-254-4278 6-8 pm M-F
    (Eligibility process may take approximately 3 weeks).
  • SUNSHINE LINE 813-272-7272
    (Services are limited, may only provide certain court transportation provisions).

Provisions that are commonly made via the court process include;

  • Sign language Interpreters, hearing amplification devices and referrals to transportation services within the community to assist Americans with Disabilities.