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Mediators - FAQs

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How do I apply to become a mediator for the Thirteenth Circuit’s Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program?

Contact the Hillsborough County Bar Foundation to complete all sections of the Mediator Application Form and submit it with your certification forms according to the instructions at the bottom of the form. You will be informed via e-mail that your application has been approved so please be sure to provide your e-mail address.

How will cases be assigned to mediators, and how many cases can I expect to receive?

Case assignment will be made on a random rotation basis. The number of cases that a mediator can expect to receive is uncertain because: The number of cases filed cannot be predicted from month-to-month; The Thirteenth Circuit’s RMFM Program is not placing limits on the number of mediators who can join our roster, and does not specify which Florida county the mediator has to reside/work in, so the potential list of mediators is expected to be extensive; Issues with scheduling coordination, illness or other unforeseen circumstances will impact the number of cases each mediator receives. 

Where will mediation sessions be held?

Mediation sessions will typically be held at the Chester H. Ferguson Law Center in downtown Tampa (1610 N. Tampa Street adjacent to the Stetson Law School Campus), but some sessions will be held in other parts of Hillsborough County if it is necessary to accommodate a borrower’s extenuating circumstances. Mediators must be able to travel to assigned locations.

Who do I contact for further information?

All questions about the RMFMP should be addressed to The Hillsborough County Bar Foundation, Chester Ferguson Law Center, 1610 N. Tampa Street, Tampa, FL  33602, phone: (813) 490-5041,