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Family Law Self Help Programs

These Family Law programs are operated by Bay Area Legal Services, a non-profit law firm.  These services are free and are designed to provide information to people who are representing themselves in family law cases held in Hillsborough County.  These programs do not assist with any cases that are not Family Law or any out of county or out of state cases.

Legal Information Center           

Tampa, FL 33602

813-864-2280, option #1

(recording for information)


The Legal Information Center is a free program to give you information about available forms and the legal process so you can make informed decisions to represent yourself in your case.  This program is limited to family law cases in Hillsborough County.  Due to social distancing guidelines, the Legal Information Center will be operating remotely. If you have a Hillsborough County family law issue, please visit the Legal Information Center website and follow the instructions.  The Legal Information Center website can be found at:
by going to and typing “legal information center” in the search box 



To reach Bay Area Legal Services, please call the Legal Aid Line

at (800) 625-2257.       





Family Forms Clinic (Tampa Courthouse)
George Edgecomb Courthouse
800 E. Twiggs Street, Room 210
Tampa, FL 33602
813-864-2280, option #2 (recording for information & current walk-in hours)


The Family Forms Clinic cannot assist anyone complete forms that are not Family Law or any out of county or for out of state cases.  We cannot represent you in court or give you legal advice.  If you are modifying an existing court order, please bring the case number and a copy of your court order. We cannot determine what forms you should use or suggest any information to put on the forms.


The Family Forms Clinic will generally be open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Hours are subject to change - CALL 813-864-2280 (option 2) BEFORE YOU COME for info & to verify daily walk-in hours.


If there are no volunteers or the clinic becomes full, the clinic will close early. You must sign-in to be seen. There is no guarantee everyone who signs in will be seen.

Legal Information Program (Plant City Courthouse)

Plant City Courthouse
301 N. Michigan Ave., 2nd Floor, Room
2085 Plant City, FL 33563

(813) 276-2688 (pre-recorded message and walk-in hours)



The Plant City Legal Information Program assists with Hillsborough County FAMILY LAW CASES only. In domestic violence matters, information provided only to Petitioners.


The Plant City Legal Information Program attorney cannot:

  • •   assist with  
    • ◦  cases unrelated to Family Law;                
    • ◦  out of county cases;        
    • ◦  or out of state cases.        
  • •   complete forms;    
  • •   represent parties in court;    
  • •   or give legal advice.    

For questions regarding an existing case, please bring the case number and a copy of the Court Order or Final Judgment. The attorney can best determine the necessary forms upon review of the existing Order, Final Judgment or case.

The Plant City Legal Information Program will be open every Tuesday between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:00p.m. unless the pre-recorded message at the above telephone number indicates otherwise.

Please plan to arrive and sign in by 1:30 to ensure you will be seen.