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All hearings will be conducted by Zoom in General Civil, Division D. The Court’s Zoom link is and Zoom Meeting ID is 305-806-8636, or you may use the QR Code below.  No additional password is required for attendance; you will be placed in the “waiting room” and be admitted into the meeting when the hearing commences.  If there are multiple hearings set simultaneously, you will be admitted and placed into a zoom breakout room; Judge Peacock will join you in the room as she proceeds through the docket.  (Zoom phone call-in number is 1-786-635-1003, Access Code 3058068636). 

The Zoom App is available for free for IOS and Android devices, and it may also be accessed via desktop computer.  This is a free service.  The Zoom Help Center is at


You do not need to be together to use Zoom and all parties and counsel should plan to appear separately.  Please input your actual name for the video conference or change the name of your device. Please input the case number of the case for which you are appearing along with your name so the Court is able to identify participants in each scheduled case. Testimonial evidence may be introduced by videoconference.  Please make sure any testifying witness has a photo ID available to present over the videoconference.  


Counsel may agree to submit motions and briefs by email and to the e-portal for the Court’s review and ruling in lieu of a hearing of if an in-person hearing is requested, please contact Judge Peacock’s assistant, Jessica Mothershed, at so we know to expect written submissions rather than a telephonic hearing or to discuss scheduling of an in-person hearing.  Please do not submit briefing notebooks; submit your motions and memoranda by email. 


All hearings, to include pretrials, are being conducted via Zoom, unless otherwise directed by the Court. 


To view the schedule please log into the Judicial Automated Workflow System or JAWS. Please click on this link.


Trial Months
Trial Week (s)            Corresponding PTC's                          Motion(s) in Limine           
January  January 23-27 January 4  January 13
February  February 13-17
February 20-24
February 1 February 10 
March  March 20-24
March 24-31
March 1  March 10 

April 24-28

April 5 April 14 
May  May 22-26  May 3  May 12

June 12-30

June 7  June 9 
July  July 24-28 July 7 July 14 
August  August 21-25
August 28-September 1
August 3  August 11 

September 18-22

September 6  September 15 
October  October 23-27  October 4  October 13 
November  November 27-December 1 November 8               November 9 
December  No Trials     


Trial Months
Trial Week (s)            Corresponding PTC's                      Motion(s) in Limine           
January  January 22-26 January 3  January 19
February  Tobacco Trial

March  March 18-22
March 6 March 15 

April 22-26

April 3 April 19 
May  May 20-24  May 8  May 17

Special Set

July  July 22-26
July 29-August 2
July 10  July 19
August  August 19-23
August 7 August 16 

Tobacco Trial September 9-28

October  October 21-25
October 28-November 1 
October 2  October 18 
November  November 18-22 November 6  November 15 
December  No Trials