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Because of the restrictions occasioned by COVID-19, and consistent with the 13th Circuit guidelines as posted on, and numerous administrative orders of the Florida Supreme Court, most recently AOSC20-23, as amended, issued May 4, 2020, there will be no in-person hearings in Circuit Civil Division A through and including at least August 1, 2020. It is appropriate that all hearings take place by ZOOM Conference, WebEx or COURTCALL (888-882-6878).  Please note that UMC’s are multi-case hearings which may result in a delay in start time.

ALL hearings appearing via Zoom must be scheduled on the Court’s Zoom link below:
The Court’s ZOOM link is and ZOOM Meeting ID number is 935 5357 4539.
If joining the hearing via telephone, call 1-786-635-1003 or 1-470-381-2552 and then use the same meeting ID number referenced above.  No additional password is required for attendance.  The ZOOM App is available for free for IOS and Android devices, and it may also be accessed via desktop computer.  This is a free service.  The ZOOM Help Center is at  Counsel/parties do not need to be together to use ZOOM and all parties and counsel should plan to appear separately.


Hearing Line for WEBEX:  1 904 900 2303.  The meeting room I.D. / ACCESS CODE is 2631 434 4754.


If you will be using WEBEX,  ZOOM link, or CourtCall, please indicate on the Notice of Hearing your telephonic designation.

Please enter the case number of the case for which you are appearing, along with your name, so the Court is able to identify participants in each scheduled case.  The Notice of Hearing must indicate whether you appearing by Zoom, WebEx or Court call.