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DIVISION I: Independent Living Court/Foster Teen Court

How do I know if my case qualifies for this division?

Teenagers who are in foster care who have a goal of Long Term Foster Care/Independent Living qualifies. Currently the age of tranfer is 15.

What is the transfer protocol?

The Clerk of the Circuit Court or the Court Care Manager prepare the Order of Transfer for all teens that meet the qualifications. The teenagers who are at least 15 are referred within the court direclty and from all community partners including; the Community based Care Agency Eckerd, Office of the Attorney General, Guardian Ad Litem and Independent Living Services through Camelot Community Care. The assigned attorneys or authorized personnel can set the case for the youth to the next available docket or date obtained from the Judicial Assistant/ court case manager.  

What is the Courtroom Policy and Procedure?

•  All parties to the case are to check in with the bailiff when they arrive.

•  The bailiff is in charge of the courtroom and the order in which cases are called.

•  If you have a conflicting court hearing in another courtroom, alert the court case manager and bailiff(s) as soon as possible. He or she will see if your case can be heard at a later or earlier time so you can accommodate both divisions.

•  At the end of your hearing the next court date will be scheduled. If you know that it conflicts with a previously scheduled appointment/hearing, be sure to speak up and inform the court or have the AG speak on your behalf.

What should I do as a Case Manager?

This division is unique and set up differently than other court divisions. Court case managers are asked by the judge to attend to specific questions or tasks. They are required to call CBC care managers, supervisors and other parties upon the judge's direction. Court case managers are required to assist the judiciary with anything he or she needs to assure that the children are in appropriate homes, receiving needed services, are safe and that Florida Statutes are followed. Teens in Division I are provided with the court case manager's number by the judge with instructions to call if they need a court date or they have an issue they would ike to bring to the courts attention.