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About Independent Living Transition Services Pgm


Florida Statue 409.1451 provides that dependent children who are about to age out of foster care are entitled to independent living transition services.  The 13th Judicial Circuit is excited to dedicate an entire court to foster teens and their individual needs.  These hearings will allow teenagers more time to focus on their futures and every option available to them.  In addition to ensuring that specific Florida Statutes are followed, a goal of identifying additional community resources has been established.  Together with our community partners, we hope to tap into some unused resources and make more opportunities available to these young adults.

Independent Living Court has a case manager dedicated to following these teen cases. This case manager will be a liaison between the court and its community partners.  He or she will also be another resource for the teen. The case manager will make themselves familiar with the teen's living situation, long term goals and any obstacles they are experiencing.  They will provide the Judge with any communication from the community agencies and the teen. They will be available to assist the teen by phone and in person.  The case manager will be another valuable resource for the teen to use in reaching whatever goals they have set.


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