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Paternity Forms

Motion for Contempt/Enforcement (Packet #10)
The other party is not following what they were ordered to do/not do and you want the court to enforce the order.

Emergency Motion for Child Pick-Up Order (Packet #11)
You have legal time-sharing of the child(ren) and you want to ask the court to enter an order directing law enforcement to take a minor child(ren) from the person who currently has physical possession and deliver the child(ren) to you. You must have an existing Hillsborough County case or must file a Petition to begin a case before you can use this motion.

Miscellaneous Motion (Packet #28)
You want to file a Motion for one of the following: set aside dismissal and re-open case, or for rehearing to vacate, or to compel
compliance with mandatory disclosure.

Both Parents Agree (Packet #33)
Both parents will fill out and file forms.

Personal Service (Packet #34)

The other party will be served with papers.

Privette (Packet #35)

The mother of one or more child(ren) of the parties was married to someone else at the time of conception and/or birth.

Answer to Petition to Determine Paternity (Packet #36)
You were served with a paternity petition and want to file an answer.

Motion for Temporary Relief (Packet #38)

You have a pending/open Dissolution of Marriage (divorce) case or a pending/open paternity case & you want to ask the court to enter a temporary order.


Disestablishment Of Paternity (Packet #44)
A man wants to disestablish paternity or terminate a child support obligation because he is not the biological father.

Motion/Order to Appear Telephonically (Please contact Clerk's Office to Obtain)
You want to ask the court to allow you to appear at a hearing by telephone.