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Name Change Forms

Adult Name Change
Notice, 12.982(a)

Adult Name Change (Final Judgment)


Family Name Change

Notice, 12.982(f)

Family Name Change (Final Judgment)


Minor Name Change, Both Parents Agree

Packet #30

Minor Name Change, Service on One Parent

Packet #31 

Adult Name Change (Packet #42)

You want to ask the court to change your name and you are you are 18 years old or older


Miscellaneous Motion (Packet #28)
You want to file a Motion for one of the following: set aside dismissal and re-open case, or for rehearing to vacate, or to compel compliance with mandatory disclosure.


Motion/Order to Appear Telephonically (Please contact Clerk's Office to Obtain)
You want to ask the court to allow you to appear at a hearing by telephone.