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Name Change FAQs

I want to change my child's name. Do I need the father/mother's permission?

Yes, both parties must be notified of the action. If one party will not sign a consent form then they will be served with the petition. They will have 20 days to respond after they have been served. For the necessary forms to file please browse to the forms section within the Dependency Case Management Unit page.  

Why do I need to get the father's permission to change my child's name? He has never been a part of the child's life. I don't even know where he is.

If you know who the father is he must be notified of the action. If you do not know where he is you must notify him by doing constructive service (publication).  

These forms are confusing. I don't understand some of the words. Can someone help me fill them out?

If you need assistance filling out a form you may want to visit the Legal Information Center located in Room 203 of the Edgecomb Courthouse. The Legal Information Center is a free program to provide information to people who are representing themselves in family law, landlord/tenant, or small claims cases in Hillsborough County. For Further information please go to the Legal Information Center. If you do not understand any forms or procedures in your case, it is strongly recommended that you seek the advice of an attorney.

How do I know which General Magistrate or Hearing Officer my case is assigned to?

Please view the General Magistrate / Hearing Officer Division Referral Assignment Table by clicking this link.