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What is “closed circuit” testimony?

The Judge can hold a remote testimony via closed-circuit teleconferencing technology. This allows for the child to be in a secure location without having to enter into a courtroom setting, while the Judge joins via "television" to dispense justice in a "child-friendly" manner without compromising the judicial process.

What does "closed circuit" mean?

It means that the child’s testimony is to be transmitted “live” to the courtroom where it can be seen and heard by the judge, jury and others as it is given and, at the same time, the proceedings in the courtroom are to be transmitted to the room where the child is, so they can be seen and heard as they occur by the child and the attor­neys in the room.

What happens during closed circuit testimony?

When you and your child arrive, you will wait in the family room. The family room has a TV, books, and toys. A separate interview room is designed to make your child feel comfortable. The room has a video camera and microphones in the ceiling. Before hand the forensic teams gathers to discuss the case at hand. The child is escorted to a private room by CAC staff. All parties that the judge has ordered to be in the testimony room with the child will see the judge on the flat screen and the judge will swear the child in, asking for the truth. Once that occurs, questions may be asked only by the Judge, or through a CAC interviewer, or by the defendant's attorney.   The testimony is recorded on DVD.

Who is with my child during the testimony?

It depends upon the type of case and order of the Court.  Usually the attorneys involved in the case as well as persons the court feels are necessary for the well-being and welfare of the child. 

May I watch the testimony from another room? 

You may not watch the testimony from another room unless the Judge orders it to occur.

Is the testimony videotaped?

The testimony is recorded on DVD to preserve the testimony as part of the trial records and for transcribing if necessary.

If so, may I watch the video of my child’s testimony?

You may watch the video of your child’s testimony if ordered by the Judge.

Who will watch my child’s testimony?

Normally the only persons who will see the testimony of the child is the attorneys of record, the courtroom and CAC technical personnel, the jury if applicable, the defendant(s).

Will my child have to give more than one testimony?

Generally the child will testify only once in a case unless the Court allows otherwise.