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When (the state) is submitting jury instructions, please only submit the following:  Instructions on crimes and lessers and verdict form; and any special instructions requested under 3.4, 5, or 6 (I don’t need any of the standards, as I cut and paste into a standard set I use.)  Please don’t page break between individual instructions, and submit in word.doc format.  Defense should submit any specially requested instructions at/before jury selection.


I would also appreciate the exhibit and witness lists on each side, by Friday pm so that I can provide to the clerk and court reporter so they can get a head start.  (And if the exhibit numbers actually correlate to the exhibits offered at trial, it really assists both of them with the record.)


The jurors are normally ordered by 7:30, so the clerk should have the lists by at least 8:30 for you to get started on juror review.  The bailiffs have juror charts for your convenience.


I expect both sides will have reviewed all of the evidence and exhibits prior to witness testimony beginning, so we do not unnecessarily inconvenience the jurors while going through the “authentication” predicates.


Let me know if there is anything else our division can do to assist you in trial prep and presentation.