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Effective October 1, 2014

Attorneys are required to submit all proposed Orders for the Probate, Guardianship & Trust Division in PDF format via the JAWS system. 


Directions for uploading Probate/Guardianship and Trust Division proposed orders.

    1.)    Select a case either through the "My Cases" link or "Case Search"

    2.)    Click on View/Upload Files

    3.)    Verify that the selected division for the file upload is the correct division.  Please make sure you select East Circuit Division U in the drop down box, otherwise it will not reach Judge McNeil for signing.

    4.)    Fill in the document title box and change the Select Upload Destination dropdown to Judge's Work Queue for Signing (Proposed Orders).

    5.)    If this is in a civil or probate division, you must select whether the order was agreed upon or opposing counsel disagrees.

    6.)    If you are not yet associated to the case, you will need to select which side you are associated to in order to continue.    

    7.)    Click on the browse button, locate the file and click on the Upload File Button.

    8.)    Optionally, you can check off the "Include Cover Letter" box and then click the browse button to upload a cover letter along with your proposed order.
    UMC dates and times for Probate/Guardianship are now available on JAWS for attorneys.  No longer than 15 minute hearings. 
For lengthier hearings, please call or email the Judicial Assistant, Cissy Hill at 813-272-6160 or


For all other Divisions P, Q, and S, please contact the Judicial Assistant for scheduling.