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All matters requiring 15 minutes or less that do not require a court reporter should be set on the UMC (Uniform Motion Calendar) through JAWS.  A Motion or Order is not needed to appear by phone on the UMC Calendar. (Please read all instructions when scheduling on our UMC Calendar for more details.)

A Notice of Cancellation must be e-filed to the clerks in order for the hearing to be removed from the docket and also sent to 


Appearance by telephone for a hearing on the UMC Calendar do not require a Motion or Order.  Any party appearing by phone shall call the court at 813-272-7188 at the scheduled hearing time.  If busy you receive a busy signal, please continue to call until you get through as we only have one hearing line.  If both parties are appearing by phone, you must coordinate a conference call prior to calling in.

No party may appear by phone for a Final Hearing, Pre-Trial Conference or Dismissal Docket.

A motion and order to appear by telephone is required for all other hearing types.  The Motion must be e-filed through the Portal and the Order must be uploaded through JAWS.  Please make sure you include in the order that you will be calling 813-272-7188 at the time of the hearing and that it is GRANTED. Our orders are done electronically and we have no way of checking GRANTED or DENIED or adding the number to call into. Please do not send paper documents through the mail once they have be submitted via JAWS. We do not want duplication of documents.

All Motions, affidavits, stipulations, and any other document except an order is to be e-filled through the Clerk’s portal.

Our Division is paperless and ALL orders must be submitted in PDF format electronically via JAWS. To view important information regarding uploading orders please click here.

Please do not upload any orders prior to the hearing they must be uploaded after the hearing.