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The Honorable E. Lamar Battles

In Division H, all proceedings, unless otherwise directed by the Court, will be held via:

WebEx (904) 900-2303  

Access Code 132 668 1405 

Except for:
Pretrial Conferences – all conducted in person (Hearing Room 519)

Jury and Non Jury Trials – all conducted in person (Courtroom 502)

Evidentiary Hearing – if more than 30 minutes will be conducted in-person (Hearing Room 519); if less than 30 minutes will be conducted via (ID 307-834-6388 Password not required).

Counsel who wish to have the services of a Court Reporter are to make necessary arrangements for the Court Reporter’s participation. The Scheduling Party for each proceeding is required to ensure all Parties are aware of this directive.

This requirement will extend until further order of the Court.