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The Honorable E. Lamar Battles

In Division H, all proceedings, except for Pretrial Conferences, Jury Trials, Non-Jury Trials and Evidentiary Hearings, will be conducted telephonically unless otherwise directed by the Court.  Pretrial Conferences, Jury Trials and Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Non-Jury Trials will be conducted in-person.  Non-Jury Trials and Evidentiary Hearings scheduled for 30 minutes or less will be conducted via ZOOM unless otherwise ordered by the Court. Non-Jury Trials and Evidentiary hearings scheduled for more than 30 minutes will be conducted in-person.  This requirement will extend until further order of the Court.  The method for conducting telephonic hearings before January 1, 2022 is to call (813) 272-5801 (WebEx) Access Code: 992 769 815; after January 1, 2022 the method for conducting telephonic hearings is to call (904) 900-2303 (WebEx) Access Code: 132 668 1405.  Non-Jury Trials and Evidentiary Hearings that are to be conducted via ZOOM are accessed at ZOOM via (ID 307-834-6388 Password not required).  Counsel who wish to have the services of a Court Reporter are to make necessary arrangements for the Court Reporter’s participation. The Scheduling Party for each proceeding is required to ensure all Parties are aware of this directive.


PLEASE REVIEW Administrative Order S-2021-014 and S-2021-041


Beginning October 1, 2020:  Proposed Orders Are To Be Submitted via Florida e-Portal

Jaws will no longer accept proposed orders as of October 1, 2020.  Any questions please direct them to e-Portal Help Desk at: (850) 577-4609 for assistance.