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Because of the restrictions occasioned by COVID-19, and consistent with the 13th Circuit guidelines as posted on, there will be no in person hearings in Circuit Civil Division “A” through and including at least April 30, 2020.  


We will be happy to conduct telephonic hearings, and you may access your already scheduled hearing by calling CourtCall as indicated on Judge Thomas’ web page; the Number is 888-882-6878.

Counsel may agree to submit motions and briefs by email and to JAWS for the Court’s review and ruling in lieu of a hearing.  If you choose to do so, please contact Judge Thomas’ assistant, Dorothy Gross, at so that we know to expect written submissions rather than a telephonic hearing.  Please observe these page limitations for briefing of written submissions:  for a 15 minute hearing, not to exceed 5 pages; for a 30 minute hearing, not to exceed 10 pages; for an hour hearing, not to exceed 15 pages.  For any hearings longer than 60 minutes or for evidentiary hearings, please contact Dorothy Gross, as above.  Please do not submit briefing notebooks; submit your motions and memoranda by email.  Due to present work-place constraints, mailed and delivered submissions will not be reviewed.  

Finally, if you do not wish to utilize either of these alternatives, you may continue the hearing to a time when the Court resumes in-person hearings.  Although the certain date for this is unknown, you may schedule after June 1, 2020.

We apologize for these inconveniences.  Our primary concern is to maintain safe social distancing and do all we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19.