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About Us


The Adult Post-Adjudication Drug Court is designed to treat and assist those individuals whose drug and alcohol problems have resulted in being charged with a 3rd degree felony.


In May 1994, Circuit Judge Donald C. Evans began the first post-adjudication drug court in Florida. An entire felony division, Division Y, or the Adult Drug Court Division, was established to handle these offenders.

In January 1997, the Drug Division was expanded, Administrative Order S-04-29-97-003. There were further changes in 1998, Administrative Order S-04-29-98-086 and again in 2001, Administrative Order S-2000-117. Finally, in January 2004, Administrative Order S-2003-077 took effect. In this Order the Drug Division was once again reduced to one division, Division Y.

Drug Division "Y", The Drug Divisions have not received any direct outside funding for the operations of this drug court. Treatment is provided primarily through the Department of Corrections under contracts their Programs Office allows throughout the state. The Administrative Office of the Courts, 13th Judicial Circuit, employs three full-time employees who work exclusively as evaluators in this division.

Performance Measures
None at this time.