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2018 Trial Dates

Pre-Trials   Trial Week/s
Feb. 13 1 week Feb. 19
April 10 2 weeks Apr. 16 & 23
May 08 2 weeks May 14 & 21
June 05 2 weeks June 11 & 18
July 17 1 week July 23
Sept. 17 1 week Sept. 24
Oct. 09 2 weeks Oct. 15 & 22
Nov. 20 2 weeks Nov. 26 & Dec. 3


UMC's Telephonic Hearings  15 & 30 Minute Hearings Requesting Hearing exceeding 30 Min Cancelling Hearings within 24 Hrs of Hrg. Cancelling Hrg. prior to 24 Hrs. of Hrg.
Set on JAWS. Uncontested foreclosures allowed Set on JAWS. Order not required Set on JAWS. Hard copies of Motion & NOH are NOT required to be E-mailed to JA Must be approved by Judge. Telephone and/or email request to JA Call JA to notify. E-mail JA Notice of Cancellation Scheduling party can cancel on JAWS. E-mail JA copy of Notice of Cancellation


No Discovery Docket Cancelling Trial and Pre-Trial  Notify Judge of an Emergency Motion Providing Judge with Lengthy documents for Hrg. Using JAWS for Electronic Signature How to upload Orders to JAWS for Electronic Signature

Set on UMC Docket

See detailed instructions below

After Motion is filed w/clerk, call JA to notify Deliver hard copy at least 3 days prior to hearing Submit AGREED Orders only, use PDF format. See detailed instructions below Upload into Judges QUEUE, not into List. Choose correct Division Letter