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What is Mental Health Pretrial Intervention (MHPTI)?
MHPTI is a variation of Pretrial Intervention (PTI).  MHPTI includes mental health treatment and monitoring as part of PTI agreement conditions, typically in lieu of community service.  Please see 
Florida Statute §948.08  for more information about PTI.

Who is eligible for Mental Health Pretrial Intervention (MHPTI)?
Persons approved by the State Attorney who meet the criteria for Pretrial Intervention (PTI) 
F.S. 948.08 and have a major mental health disorder are eligible for MHPTI.  MHPTI, however, is not intended to be used in lieu of Drug PTI for defendants charged with drug offenses.  Please see the MHPTI procedures and contact your attorney to determine whether you are eligible.

What types of charges are eligible for Mental Health Pretrial Intervention (MHPTI)?
Florida Statute §948.08  the criminal offense for which the defendant has been arrested or charged must be a non- violent third degree felony.  However, consult your attorney to determine whether you may be eligible for MHPTI.

Who makes the determination whether I can participate in Mental Health Pretrial Intervention (MHPTI)?
Participate in MHPTI is based on the State Attorney’s discretion and eligibility criteria.

What are the requirements of the Mental Health Pretrial Intervention agreement?
Requirements vary as the State Attorney may modify conditions.  All MHPTI participants, however, must participate in mental health treatment and monitoring.  Please see
sample agreement for more information.

How can I learn more about Mental Health Pretrial Intervention (MHPTI)?
Please read the MHPTI procedures and consult with your attorney or contact the Court Mental Health Liaison for more information.