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About Mental Health Case Management Programs


The mission of Mental Health Case Management Programs is not to create new services but to merge and blend existing services in a more efficient, pragmatic and continuous way across the judicial system.  By strengthening existing, forging new partnerships and eliminating gaps in services, this court program creates that efficiency. A Senior Court Program Specialist position is provided to the court for case management, through grant revenue by the Florida Department of Children & Families through Gracepoint the Source for Wellness.


Despite the lack of resources to develop a Mental Health court in this circuit, the court has developed a protocol between the Public Defender’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office for defendants who may be eligible for Mental Health Pre-trial Intervention (MHPTI), who refer cases from the felony divisions to the Senior Court Program Specialist, Court Mental Health Liaison (on-site position funded by the Department of Children & Families through Gracepoint the Source for Wellness.).  If the defendant does, in fact, have a major disorder, Axis 1, meets the statutory requirements for PTI, is amenable to treatment and substance abuse is not the primary treatment, case management is now an option.  The Court Mental Health Court Liaison works to find a community mental health provider to monitor the defendant’s treatment needs. Based on the assessment, the treatment plan is included in the contract between the State Attorney and the defense.


The first case for MH PTI was referred in the summer of 2008. Today, referrals come from all regular felony divisions of the Criminal Justice & Trial division.

Performance Measures

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