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What is Shock Education?

Shock Education is a program designed to expose juveniles to the shocking side of criminal and irresponsible behavior. Youth are presented with the results of criminal behavior and poor choices.

What are the classes about?

Experts from community agencies speak with the youth and initiate conversations about issues such as drugs, violence, sexual development, and family. Classes are gender specific.

How long is the program?

There are seven weekly sessions. Classes are held from 6:00pm-8:00pm, unless otherwise noted on the SHOCK schedule.

When does Shock Education meet?

Tuesday evenings (times vary, schedule provided at orientation during first meeting).

Where does Shock Education meet?

The primary location is the George Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs, 3rd  Floor, Tampa. There are tours scheduled at the following locations:

    • Tampa General Hospital, 2 Columbia Drive, Tampa
    • DACCO, 3107 N. 50th Street, Tampa (Boys)
    • DACCO, 4422 E. Columbus Drive, Tampa (Girls)

How can my child be referred to Shock Education?

Any juvenile between the ages of 13 and 18 may be referred to the program by the youth’s parents or guardians, the youth’s school, Juvenile Court, The Department of Juvenile Justice, The Juvenile Assessment Center, The Department of Children & Families or other Juvenile Diversion Programs.

Where can I find the referral form?

Click here to view the form.

How much does the Shock Education Program cost?

There is NO cost for the Shock Education Program. Parental support of each juvenile who participates and parental participation are sufficient contributions.

Are there guidelines for each class?

Each participant must attend all seven classes, unless sanctioned to designated classes only. All absences require written documentation.

    • Parents are strongly encouraged to attend the first and last class meetings.
    • Classes are restricted to the immediate area of the classroom at all times, including breaks.
    • Classes are strictly monitored by a JDP staff member.
    • Parents are required to pick up their child immediately after class (Note: Courthouse security is available at the Edgecomb Courthouse entrance, facing Twiggs Street. It is recommended that participants wait there for their parent).

Where do I find the latest schedule?

Click here to view the SHOCK Education Girls Schedule

Click here to view the SHOCK Education Boys Schedule