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2010 Employee Recognition Ceremony Winner

Risk Taker Award

The recipient of this award exhibits the courage of conviction, recognizing that anything worthwhile was never achieved without personal and professional risk and great perseverance.

Presented to: Steve Miller, III
                      Drug Court Specialist II
                      Drug Court Programs

Steve is regularly called upon to conduct urine screens in Family Law Divisions, Juvenile Dependency, Shelter Hearings, or for Special Masters, as the need arises.  Steve performs this service while staying up to date with his Juvenile Drug Court responsibilities.  Urine testing is a less than desirable task for employees, and program participants.  Steve conducts the vast majority of the tests, and effectively deals with difficult offenders/participants.  Steve makes himself available to numerous court programs without hesitation and backs up co-workers in the Drug Court Programs when called upon.  His positive attitude and professionalism is an asset to the Drug Court Programs.